• MISSION ありたい姿

    Heralding the dawn of new lifestyles

    Since its founding in 1956, Sanki Shoji has introduced to Japan first-class brands from Europe and elsewhere. Over the years, the company has proposed a new culture of fashion, using its networks and trust built from countless exchanges.

    The meaning of affluence has diversified. The things we can do are also expanding with the widening possibilities of fashion.

    We will identify the signs in the times and society ahead of others, develop products and experiences offering discoveries and strong emotions with gifted and passionate creators the world over, and shape new lifestyles.

  • VISION ねがう世の中

    Encounters with soul-stirring,
    genuine articles color our life

    The things designers and craftsmen have devoted their energies to producing stir our soul and give us strong emotions and courage. They also serve as sources of imagination and inspiration. They bring color to our daily life.

    Through our businesses, we hope to offer many people the chance to encounter these genuine articles, filling their lives with enriching moments.

  • CULTURE 企業文化


    1. Adhering to genuine articles and continuing to pursue them.
    2. Taking actions that are clean, based on the spirit of fairness.
    3. Making serious challenges and learning from both successes and failures.
    4. Discussing matters freely and thinking them through.
    5. Forming the best team by harnessing the characteristics of each member.